Skeptics in Tasmania . Seeking the Evidence!

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This is the main website of the Australian Skeptics.

It has a wealth of interesting information, books and DVD's for sale, skeptical news, and links to skeptical organizations all over the world.  Here you can also subscribe to the National magazine "The Skeptic".

Web site of the South Australian Skeptics.

The South Australian branch hosted the 2008 Skeptics National Convention from 12~13 October 2008.

Visit the site for all the information.

This is a very good American skeptical site.

The famous Dr Michael Shermer is the Executive Director of "The Skeptic Society" who run this site.

Web site of the Victorian branch of Australian Skeptics.

Note that they have some very good brochures that you can download for free.

Also they have produced a DVD titled: The Fossil Record-What Gaps?"